vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Ongerept/Kernkoppen Jamsession @ De Zwarte Ruiter

Last minute call and didn't want to bring my camera because stage photography isn't really my thing. Think this series of photographs cover the night with Ongerept / Kernkoppen in the Zwarte Ruiter, The Hague. The show was fully improvised and was a jazzy and hiphop crossover. Props to the band and Kernkoppen for an awesome night in the Zwarte Ruiter....check out there site for more info: http://www.kernkoppen.com/een/main.php

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Water Lady in Vietnam

Back again from a long but inspiring trip to Vietnam. This is the first series of pictures that will be blogged....all series will have a different theme or subject so keep an eye open on my blog but some beautiful stuff is incoming. If your are interested in one of the photographs or in the whole collection please mail me at v.borst@ziggo.nl.