maandag 22 februari 2010

Sunsets and sunrises from different places of the world

Sunsets and sunrises are allways beautiful and basically everywhere the same. But the setting can be different where ever you go. When I shot a sunset or sunrise I allways try to make the picture exciting because a straight forward sunset/rise is just plain boring. Here are a few of my best sunset/rise pictures.

Sunset at Hoek van Industry can be beautiful aswell

Sunset at Scheveningen...we have much seagulls here :-)

A beautiful sunset in Costa Rica....tropical paradise for sure

Tanzania sunrise....a beautiful way to wake up in the middle of the Serengeti

A sunset in a Samburu village in Kenya...stunning sunset at a sad place

Sunset at Tokyo a huge contrast with the Samburu village

This serie is for sale and all photographs will be printed in high quality:
- One photograph 30cm x 45cm costs 40 euro....full serie will cost 200 euro
- One photograph 20cm x 30cm costs 25 euro....full serie will cost 125 euro

Different sizes are possible please contact me for those prices.

If you are interested please sent me an email to

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