zondag 21 februari 2010

Kids of Kenya

Kids of Kenya is my first little documentary project. I wanted to capture the feelings of the children in Kenya. My first thing I noticed was how strong the kids are even under harsh circumstance. They just acted like kids all over the world....they were happy and wanted to do kids stuff but sadly some kids were a bit sad.

Lost in sadness

A fence between rich and poor

Brother love

A strong little lady

Unsure what to do

Being a bit naughty

This serie is for sale and all photographs will be printed in high quality:
- One photograph 30cm x 45cm costs 40 euro....full serie will cost 200 euro
- One photograph 20cm x 30cm costs 25 euro....full serie will cost 125 euro

Different sizes are possible please contact me for those prices.

If you are interested please sent me an email to v.borst@ziggo.nl

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