dinsdag 29 december 2009


Back from Tokyo.....major rush city but very organized if I say so. A must see city and especially Shibuya Crossing....the most busiest crossing in the world. Everyone lives in rush there. Not made a lot of picture in Tokyo but was too busy with some other stuff. But once in a while I had some time to make some nice shots. If interested in a shot please contact me :-)

zondag 29 november 2009

The simple life in Africa

Here is my first blog and it will be about the simple life of Fishermen in Africa. These fishermen are trying to make a living by fishing on Lake Baringo, Kenya. Despite of an harsh life these men are full of life like you can see in these pictures. The titles and style of these pictures is influenced by some bad news I have heard in my private life and this serie of pictures is dedicated to a good friend of mine

Pull yourself together

Life continues

This serie is for sale and all photograph will be printed in high quality:
- one photograph 30cm by 45cm cost 45 euro.....full serie will cost 120 euro
- one photograph 20cm by 30cm cost 30 euro.....full serie will cost 75 euro

If you are interested please contact me at v.borst@ziggo.nl